Certifi.ca Secure OpenID provider

Privacy policy

This privacy policy outlines our commitment to certifi.ca users.

  1. Profile information added by you is private. We will not sell or distribute your private information without your knowledge and consent.
  2. Profile information is shared with sites you trust. certifi.ca supports the Simple Registration Extension for OpenID. When logging in to a site for the first time, you can decide which private information to share with the your OpenID.
  3. Updated information is passed to trusted sites each time you log in. If you update your profile in certifi.ca, that updated information will be passed to your trusted sites each time you log in.
  4. Certifi.ca cannot control your private information after you've shared it with a trusted site. Once you've shared private info with another site, it's up to that other site to protect it.
  5. You can change your trust relationships at any time. If you choose not to trust another site, or to change what information you want to share, you can delete that trust relationship. The next time you log in to the site, you will be asked to set a new trust level.
  6. Your OpenID page is public. If you have an OpenID account with certifi.ca, the page at the endpoint of your OpenID URL is public. Other people and programs can read that page and any information on it, including your username.
  7. You control what information appears on your OpenID page. We will eventually support sharing hCard information on OpenID pages. Except for your username, which is shown by default, you will control what private information appears on your OpenID page.
  8. Administrators may contact you for problems with your account. If you have registered an email for use with certifi.ca, administrators may contact you by email if there are problems with your account.
  9. Administrators will use digitally-signed email. Adminstrators will use S/MIME digitally-signed email when contacting you. If you are contacted by someone not signing their email, they do not represent certifi.ca.
  10. Private information may be published in aggregate for analysis. We may publish publicly, or share privately, information about numbers and percentages of users with certain profile characteristics. Example: "14% of certifi.ca members come from the UK".
  11. We will comply with court orders to share your private data. When compelled by applicable courts, we will share the registration data requested. Unless prevented by law, we will try to notify you of this activity.